Elementary School

General Studies Program:
The Shalom Torah Academy Elementary Division provides children in grades 1 through 5 with a highly stimulating program. Differentiated instruction is utilized to maximize success. We concentrate on truly understanding each child’s individual abilities in order to provide him or her with the requisite tools and motivation for growth. Our interactive, hands-on methodology offers students many opportunities to explore and express their opinions and ideas. Teachers place a special emphasis on developing a warm relationship with their students and making the learning process vibrant and enjoyable.

Learning, in the elementary school, comes to life through engaging activities and field trips, math and science fairs, annual read-a thons and unique and exciting multi-media assembly programs. In our computer lab, students practice fundamental math and reading skills with SuccessMaker ™ software. The program gauges each student’s math and reading levels and pinpoints areas of difficulty so the teacher can focus on providing additional instruction in those areas. Shalom Torah prides itself on using best practices to enhance the learning process. Our students also prepare for the real world as they learn the use of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Judaic Studies Program:
Our Judaic Studies program instills in our students a love of Torah and Eretz Yisroel as they learn about Jewish history and culture. In preparation for Middle School, we develop Hebrew Language conversation through our total immersion classes and writing skills through a structured program in each grade. Our students will learn to pray and understand the meaning of the prayers. They will study Chumash (Bible) and Navi ( Books of the Prophets) with attention to textual analysis.

Graduates of the elementary school are empowered with both a strong knowledge base and skills and are prepared for the challenges of lifelong learning. They have the tools and confidence to be productive, independent and successful as they move forward into Middle School. At Shalom Torah you will find a:

  • Distinctive Environment, Enhanced Education
  • Caring and Nurturing Staff of Certified Educators
  • Creative and Exciting Curriculum
  • Beautiful Campus with High-Tech Science and Computer Labs
  • Library and Gymnasium
  • STEM, Makerspace, Art, Physical Education and Computer Instruction

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