Middle School

The Middle School Division at Shalom Torah Academy offers a superior education. With the use of the most current technology, our departmental instructors efficiently disseminate knowledge to prepare our students for the high-tech, fast paced world. Our General Studies curriculum surpasses the New Jersey State’s Learning Standards. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing higher ordered thinking and reasoning skills so our students can apply their knowledge in real life situations. Our comprehensive departmental instruction ensures that students achieve mastery in all of their studies.

Our Language Arts program is divided into two blocks of instruction: Reading/Vocabulary and Writing/Grammar. Our students are trained to become active readers utilizing reading strategies and skills applicable to content areas across the curriculum. They discover the richness of the English language as they study the literature of the great authors. In their writing classes, they learn to choose their target audience, select a voice, target a purpose, use literary devices and organize their thoughts in order to produce meaningful written essays and articles.

Students learn the sciences in our modern, well-equipped lab where they will make hands on discoveries implementing the scientific method. With use of SmartBoard software, the students can engage in a wide array of amazing virtual activities such as, dissections in Life Science, and manipulating a lunar rover in Earth Science.

The Social Studies program in the Middle School provides students with activity based student centered learning motivating them to research and report about the causes and effects of major world-wide events, as well as studying United States civics and government. This type of learning experience is what gives our students effective tools that enable them to become productive, responsible members of our society.

The Mathematics instruction we provide for our Middle School students has a focus on a multitude of mathematical practices some of which are: considering analogous problems, representing problems coherently, justifying conclusions, applying mathematics to practical situations, and deriving various equations to find solutions.

Because we believe that cutting edge science and math are best not taught in a vacuum, we have instituted the STEM method of education combining both of these areas into an integrated curriculum which teaches students the application of classroom material and methodology in real world areas. STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It combines physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, robotics, electronics, mechanical engineering, information sciences, astronomy, optics, and atmospheric sciences, with educational and instructional technology to bring learning material to life. The focus of the STEM curriculum is to bring all of these areas of study to all of our students rather than restricting them to only to advanced placement students.

On par with our General Studies curriculum, our Judaic Studies subjects are diversified, challenging and provide intellectual lessons meant to imbue students with an understanding of mitzvot and an appreciation for their Jewish heritage. They study in-depth analysis of Biblical texts with its commentaries as they plumb the depths of Talmudic discussions learning to master the Aramaic texts. Our students learn to speak Hebrew fluently as their teachers engage them in Hebrew conversation in our total immersion language classes. They also learn about Israeli culture and history and develop a love for the land and the people of Israel.

Shalom Torah students are fully prepared for advancement to schools of higher learning as they enter young adulthood with confidence, knowledge and skills for future academic success.


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