Technology at STA

At Shalom Torah Academy our vision is to create technologically advanced students who can successfully navigate in a variety of electronic environments. In order to meet this goal we provide a variety of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) experiences for each student. Starting in preschool students are engaged in weekly computer classes. Under the STA Technology Protection Plan, students learn a range of skills from simple computer operation to computer programming.


In addition to formal computer classes, students at Shalom experience technology as it is integrated into every classroom. This integration is accomplished by the use of SmartBoards, SmartTables, and SmartResponse systems. This technology suite allows teachers and students to interact with classroom content in an engaging and meaningful way.


iPads are utilized in our Middle School classrooms and their use is multidisciplinary. The benefit of each student having his or her own tablet is that teachers are able to easily customize lessons and learning activities so that class work is more productive resulting in greater individual student success.


Finally, our Robotics Classes offer Upper Elementary and Middle School students an opportunity to engage in inquiry based lessons about STEM. Using the LEGO Mindstorm Robotics Kits and EV3 Software, students are engaged in programming and assembling a variety of robots. Our students are truly prepared with the technology skills and knowledge needed for their generation.


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