Whats New at Nursery

Malki Svei/ January 12, 2016/ News

It was great to come back to school all refreshed from Winter Vacation! We jumped right back into our learning routine and had a jam-packed week here in Pre K. ABC: Our letter of the week was the Letter J. We found the letter J at the beginning of words like jellybean, jump rope and jellyfish. We discriminated between Uppercase J and lowercase j on our jam jar worksheet and completed a color-by-letter jellybean worksheet. We also created an Itsy Bitsy Letter J booklet. Movement & Music / Gross Monurserytor Skills: We had the opportunity to engage in a variety of dramatic play activities this week. We sang and acted out a favorite song, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” We also pretended we were drifting in the ocean like jellyfish. We got our hearts pumping during a jumping activity where we had to jump in and jump out of a series of hula hoops on the floor. It was great fun! Math: We had lots of fun incorporating jellybeans into our Math Center this week. We sorted and graphed jellybeans by color and counted them. Then we compared each color group to see which colors were the most and least popular. Sensory/ Fine Motor Skills: Jigsaw puzzles provided a wonderful outlet for the children to practice their cognitive and hand-eye coordination skills. We also made our own jewelry by stringing pasta and beads into necklaces. Art: We created an adorable jaguar from the Letter J for our ABC Scrapbook. Reading: Here is a list of some of the books we read this week: Bread and Jam for Frances By Russell Hoban Let’s Count it Out, Jessie Bear By Nancy White Carlstrom The Giant Jam Sandwich By John Vernon Lord Jamberry By Bruce Degen Jaguar in the Rain Forest By Joanne Ryder Joey and Jet By James Yang Jeremiah Jellyfish Flies High By John Fardell Jellyfish By Carol Lindeen Sheep in a Jeep By Nancy Shaw Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk By Rachael Mortimer Jump, Frog, Jump! By Robert Kalan